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The world according to Lore...

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Who am I?

August 31st 1977. Lunchtime. A huge slit of water is nestled snugly between mountains, its calm surface betraying nothing of the recalcitrant inhabitant lurking in the deep. As a world itches for a sighting of this carefree giant, known affectionately as Nessie, an extraordinary event is about to take place just a stone's throw away. A young woman is about to feel the torture and relief of a second childbirth. But smoothly is not a worthat can be used to describe the proceedings. Starting as he means to go on, baby Lore decides that Inverness is just not enough of a draw to convince him to leave the cosiness of the womb. His reluctance is not enough to keep him inside however, as the doctor slices daylight into his unsuspecting world. So begins the life of LOre, 6lbs 9oz of screaming and kicking joy. looking around he decides that this place just simply will not do, and sure enough, six months later he packs up his family and sets out on the first of many journeys in an effort to find a place called home.

What is the point of all this?

This place is basically where you get to see a little of what makes me me (the edited highlights of course). The things I like, the places I've been, my hopes , dreams, and fears. All that nonsense. It may also prove useful to some as it will eventually serve as a rudimentary guide to to the few things I can say I'm good at. You'll find links to useful / funny / interesting stuff, and also find some work that I feel proud of. In addition it is a portal into my life, where you can find my family, friends and experience. I hope you enjoy it...

Lore's world If you want to see some of the places I've been, this is the place. It may even help you decide on a place to go and help out a littlw with what to do while you're there. It may not.

Education This is where you'll find out about my learning experience. I'll spare you the high school stuff, as I can't really say that I found it that interesting. It took me more than ten years to start my degree after leaving high school, but it was worth the wait. I really enjoy it and I surprised myself with my brain's ability to still work after all this time gathering dust in the attic.

Hobbies So what makes me smile? No apart from that. The things I like to while away my time at 'til the wee hours. And some of the things I always said I wanted to do but never got round to... Perhaps this'll, make me get off my arse and do them...

Sports No, I'm not super sporty. Will kinda. But this is how I get my heart pumping. Simple really...

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